Our company is specialized in trading the best quality Romanian beech wood: steamed, edged and unedged, in all standard dimensions and humidity ( from fresh cut to kiln dried 10% ).

One of the new products offered by us is Wood for Fire.

One of the new products offered by us is Wood for Fire.

One of the new products offered by us is Wood for Fire.

We supply Log houses made from round logs in different dimensions and sizes.

Romanian whitewood timber is a traditional product for our business since the early nineties. We are currently supplying our clients with all ranges of quality, dimension and humidity.

White wood

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We currently work with whitewood, according to the Romanian standards for wood export: well cut, free from fungus, mold, dead knots and any other wood diseases.                





  1. Technical information:

The wood is cut by a vertical hydraulic sawmill. The prisms are then cut by laser conducted circular saws or multi – blade disc circular sawmill.

After production, the timber is selected in the sorting hall, measured and categorized in classes and dimensions.

The selected timber is either delivered to the clients or, it continues in the drying process.

Types of drying:

A. Kiln dried: up to the level of humidity requested by the client.

- the timber is introduced in the drier at temperatures between 60C – 90 C, which guarantees the elimination of the organic viruses of the wood.

       - the control is made by perforating the timber to measure the  humidity level inside the timber.

 - the drying process continues until the timber is dried in its middle; usually it can take between 5 to 15 days, according to the level of humidity requested by the client and to the thickness of the timber.

B. Air dried (naturally dried):

-  the timber is arranged properly, protected from the rays of the sun and from the rain, in an area with good ventilation.

- in this process the wood loses the extra- humidity and it keeps almost the same cutting dimensions. The volume of the timber is modified only by loosing small percentage.

The slow process of air drying conserves the natural quality of the wood.


Thicknes 22

Thickness 36

Thickness 45

Thickness 72

Thickness 96

22 x   95 x 3

36 x 165 x  3

45 x  45 x 4

72 x  72  x 3

96 x  96  x 3

22 x   95 x 4

36 x 165 x  4

45 x  95 x 4

72 x  72  x 4

96 x  96  x 4

22 x  115x 3

36 x 185 x  3

45 x  165 x 4

22 x  115x 4

36 x 185 x  4

45 x  185 x 4

22 x 165 x 4

36 x 195 x  4

45 x  215 x 4

22 x 185 x 3

36 x 215 x  3

45 x  245 x 4

22 x 185 x 4

36 x 215 x  4

45 x  275 x 4

22 x 195 x 4

36 x 245 x  4

45 x  295 x 4

22 x 215 x 4

36 x 275 x  4

Other of the above mentioned standard dimensions we can follow the clients inquiry .